BSN Degree JobsNursing graduates from accredited universities often set out for BSN degree jobs immediately after finishing their education and many of these positions differ from those available to those with just an RN degree. A BSN degree opens many more doors to nurses and the schooling required is therefore more intense than a traditional RN degree path.

Entering a BSN degree program requires only a high school degree and most programs cover laboratory, classroom and clinical work. Required classes for BSN students include those related to medical ethics, healthcare management, pharmacology, nutrition and microbiology. The University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University School of Nursing both offer accelerated programs. Both programs also integrate classroom work with clinical experience for hands-on training.

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Getting a BSN degree sets students  who are interested in medicine and want to make a difference in the lives of the individuals they work with on a great career path. Discussed below are 5 job possibilities available to someone with a BSN degree.

5 Popular BSN Degree Jobs

While many nursing graduates become registered nurses, they often decide to specialize in a certain field such as trauma, neonatal or obstetric nursing. These nurses have specific interests that they follow up on, such as labor and delivery or working in the emergency room. Many of these careers allow them to eventually become hospital directors. They usually have a section of the hospital that they are responsible for. These types of nurses typically make about $64,000 each year.

Hospice nurses travel to private homes and residential facilities to visit and care for their patients, who are terminally ill. This career requires previous clinical experience and all the education offered by a BSN. The yearly median salary for a hospice nurse is generally around $70,000 and the career involves intensive observation, assessment and recording. Some hospice nurses work with other medical staff to make terminally ill patients more comfortable and to minimize their pain.

Consultants for health insurance providers, print media, broadcast media and lawyers are registered nurses who have training that can help them explain medical information. Often, these nurses are called upon to assist with legal cases to read medical records, define medical terminology and explain relevant healthcare issues. It is also common for nurse consultants to act as witnesses on the stand. The annual salary for a consultant with a BSN degree depends on how much work he or she is able to complete, sometimes making $80,000.

Forensic nurses treat people who have been the victims of crimes. They also assist with criminal investigations using their medical expertise. While working in forensics, a nurse will handle issues such as sexual assault, suicidal actions, assault and neglect. It is also common for forensic nurses to provide testimony and evidence after treating patients. A forensic nurse with a BSN degree might make anywhere between $54,000 to $200,000 depending on the location and level of contact with victims.

Occupational health nurses work in industrial settings and other workplaces. If somebody has a minor injury, the nurse will handle it. This nurse also makes assessments regarding hazardous exposure, possible unsafe conditions and worker complaints. He or she might also evaluate employee medical records, perform physical exams and arrange for vaccines and x-rays. Occupational health nurses might make $70,000 each year, making it one of the most desirable BSN degree jobs.

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