There is a huge demand for nursing graduates all across the nation, but the greatest demand for nurses is in a specific are of the country. If you are planning to earn your Bachelor’s in Nursing so that you can become a Registered Nurse, it is very important to learn about the areas around the nation that are in the greatest need of entry-level and experienced nurses. Not only is the demand greater in certain areas where populations are high, the salaries are also higher. Read on, and learn about the projected demand in different states and regions.

Why is There Currently a Nursing Shortage?

Before you learn about the areas where demand for nurses is highest, you should gain an understanding of why there is a shortage in the supply of nurses around the country. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, nursing is listed as the top job as far as job growth is concerned. This is because there is a need for about 1.05 million replacements to fill in for the retiring nurses, and also a need for more professionals as the need for care grows.

The need for care exists for more than one reason. Once of the biggest reasons why there is a large need is because Baby Boomers are aging. With life expectancy rates expanding and technologies in healthcare improving, Baby Boomers will require care for longer. Add in the fact that healthcare reform is resulting in more access to more care, and you can understand why nursing professionals are in demand.

What Areas Are Best to Search for a Nursing Job?

Populations are dispersed differently all across the nation. Baby Boomers and retirees tend to move to warmer areas in the fall and winter, which creates a larger need for nursing in these areas during these seasons. You must also consider states where people tend to be best insured. While the projected need for nursing professionals will be 1.1 million by 2016, a large amount of this projection is in certain areas of the country where populations need the most care.

The most job openings are reported in states where the demand is highest. It is no surprise that California, Florida and New York are listed as the top three states with the highest amount of nursing positions open at this current time. This is due to the fact that these states are either warm retirement destinations or extremely populace. The other states to consider include: Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, Georgia and Massachusetts.

How to Choose Where to Move

Demand in sunny and populous areas may be high, but you need to consider where you will be happy living before you decide to relocate. You can either look for a permanent position, or you can work for a traveling company and get a feel for areas before you choose. Traveling nurses can experience different areas of the country and also get paid generously because they work under contract (please see: How Do You Become a Traveling Nurse?).

Not only is there a demand in certain states, there is a demand when you choose certain specialties. Be sure that you know which area you would like to specialize in as you compare state salaries. Compare each are of the country with the greatest demand for nurses, consider salary and benefits, and then you can make a relocation decision.