Statistical reports have shown that 80 percent of nurses in the workforce are likely to have a BSN by the year 2020. Depending on how many courses you personally have to take to complete your BSN degree, choosing to pursue your degree online just might enable you to earn your credentials faster than a brick and mortar program. The following are just a few of the ways that your online degree might outpace its physically established counterpart.

More Affordable Large Course Loads

One of the primary advantages that nearly all online degree programs offer, in comparison to their traditional counterparts, is the fact that their content can be completed more quickly because of the greater affordability of multiple courses.

Due to the fact that traditional degree programs necessitate heftier course prices to compensate for the costs of their brick and mortar property, online programs that do not have any need to invest in physical property do not have to price their individual courses as highly as traditional programs.

With an online RN-BSN program, you will have much more financial freedom to take on a higher number of courses at the same time then you normally would if you had the budget for what was most feasible with the pricier traditional model.

Complete Pacing Freedom

In an online program, you also have the potential to freely expedite your progress through an RN-BSN degree program as you see fit. Whereas the traditional program generally necessitates that you progress at a predetermined pace, your RN-BSN degree program can be completed at whatever speed is best for you.

Though it isn’t necessary for you to go through your RN-BSN coursework as quickly as possible, the opportunity to do so is what makes an online program more attractive to many who are primarily concerned with earning their degrees as swiftly as possible.

If there is any material in your online RN-BSN program that you already confidently comprehend you have the ability to skip through it entirely. If you have already gained a substantial amount of experience in an area you are pursuing official degree credentials in, the ability to pass over lessons on concepts you are already highly familiar with can easily double or triple the rate at which you are able to progress.

Accessible Personalized Support From Instructors

One of the most accommodating but often understated benefits online degree programs offer is the opportunity for greater interaction with your instructors. Because you will be able to instantly contact your instructors through the prescribed online platform, you will have many more opportunities to clarify any subject areas that you may need extra assistance in.

The ability to quickly gain the instructor’s insight into the more challenging aspects of the course can allow you to overcome those challenges much more quickly than if you had to wait for a time to speak with a professor in a traditional degree program.

Instead of asking, “Can I earn my RN-BSN degree faster online?”, a more accurate question to ask would be, “How quickly do I want to complete my RN-BSN degree program?”

Because there is so much potential variability in the courses that RN-BSN degree programs offer, the best way to determine whether or not an online program will facilitate the quickest path to earning your degree is to research which courses are offered in each online program you are considering. Ultimately, you’ll want to confirm which program can potentially provide you with a complete and comprehensive RN-BSN education in the most convenient window of time.

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