Online RN to BSN programs take the credits you earned in your RN or another nursing program and apply those credits to a BSN program. This reduces the amount of time that it will take for you to earn your bachelor’s degree. You can usually get your degree in as little as two years, but it depends on how many credits transfer to that new program. As an online student, you may not need to do any additional clinical work because of your past experience.

What are Nursing School Clinicals?

Nursing school clinicals, also called clinical rotations, are practical experiences that send you out to work in the field. According to Nurse Buff, you’ll have the chance to wear real nursing uniforms and masks as you make friends with the other future nurses in your classes. As you work under a licensed nurse, you can meet with patients, take medical histories, present findings to doctors and even help treat some of those patients. Nursing schools often require that students do at least one full year of clinical rotations before they graduate, and you may have the chance to experience different fields of nursing while in school.

Why are These Rotations so Important?

Clinical rotations are important because these experiences let you take your practical skills and put them to action. Though you may feel comfortable learning how to take a patient’s blood pressure and other vital signs in the classroom, you may not feel quite as confident when there is a real patient in front of you. You also have the chance to learn from experienced nurses. Those nurses can give you tips on working with difficult patients, reducing some of the stress that you feel while on the job and improving your bedside manner.

Do Online Schools Have Clinical Rotations?

As you look at online RN to BSN programs, you’ll find that many do not require that you do any type of clinical rotation. The BSN component of this program focuses more on theory and research than practical work. If if does have a clinical component, the program will usually take the clinical work you did in an RN program and use that to fulfill this step. You’ll take classes on nursing theories and medical research instead of practical applications.

How Can You Complete Your Clinicals?

If you enroll in an online RN to BSN program that has a clinical component, you can usually use your job to complete this step. Colleges design these programs for professional nurses and those who already have their licenses and work in the field. You can use your job to show that you completed clinical work beyond the RN program level. Some programs may require that you do work outside of your job, but those schools can usually help you find hospitals and facilities in your area that you can work at to complete your clinical work.

As an RN to BSN student, you usually do not need to do any additional clinical work because you did so much in your RN program. If it is a requirement for your RN to BSN program, find out if you can volunteer at a local facility or show proof that you do clinical work in your current job.

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