Nursing Jobs at Insurance CompaniesAre you interested in learning about the jobs available for nurses at an insurance company? If you would like to benefit from working in both the healthcare industry and the insurance industry, it is important to assess all of your options. Nursing is a growing field where demand is only predicted to grow. As a nurse working for an insurance company, you can redefine healthcare and help others while you gain experience and earn the compensation that you deserve. If you would like to learn about the different titles and duties of nurses employed by insurers, read on.

Jobs for Licensed Practitioners Working in the Field of Nursing

If you are currently an LPN, you can start an entry-level career in the insurance industry by pursuing one of many different titles. Many LPNs later decide to become Registered Nurses, and gaining experience prior to finishing nursing school will certainly give you an advantage. If you want to find positions with an insurer as an LPN or LVN, some of the titles that you can pursue include: Appeals Nurse Associate, Health Coach and Quality Management Nurse Associate.

An Appeals Nursing Associate is an entry-level title where nursing practitioners will handle member and provider appeals. You will work under the leadership of a Appeals Supervisor and help with resolving the complaints and grievances that have been filed. A Health Coach Associate is a nursing professional working for an insurance company will work with employees of an organization to help coordinate wellness programs that will reduce the amount of claims filed by members in the organization. You will help with identifying health challenges and developing a wellness campaign and incentive program for employees to follow. Quality Management Nurse Associates work with providers in an effort to promote the highest quality medical outcomes.

Insurance Jobs for Registered Nurses

Now that you see all of the different paths that you can take as a nurse working in the insurance industry, it is time to review the titles that you can hold if you are a Registered Nurse. After becoming an LPN, you can work your way up to becoming a RN is hold even more responsibility. While there are LPN opportunities, most insurers prefer to hire Registered Nurses who have clinical experience. Some of the titles that are available to RN’s include: Health Coach Consultant, Nurse Educator, Case Manager, and Quality Management Nurse Consultant.

As a Health Coach Consultant or a Quality Management Nurse Consultant, you will have team of lower level associates working for you to achieve specific outcomes. Your job will be to run campaigns for organizations or facilities and to review outcomes to improve an office’s or hospital’s performance. Nurse educators who work for insurance companies play an important role in educating patients and some medical professionals about the appropriate medical treatment process. They will work strictly at an academic level, and will not provide any type of advice.

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With the field of nursing changing so much, some insurance companies even offer nurses telecommuting positions where nurses can answer questions and measure health outcomes, according to the article, Medical Jobs From Home. Be sure to review all of your options and consider what will keep you grounded in a fast-paced field. Once you know the jobs available for nurses at an insurance company, you can decide which one is most practical.