Many people who seeking nursing degrees stop after obtaining their RN, but you can go further and obtain an MSN within a few extra years. While a six-year degree is usually better for most careers, you might be wondering how useful it really is for nursing. The truth is that most nurses have an easy time finding employment with an RN, but there are a few reasons to get an MSN if you have the money and time.

More Money

For the vast majority of people, more education equates to more money. A standard RN will make about $64,000 a year, which is a respectable salary. If you get your master’s degree, then you can potentially make much more.

For example, you can qualify to become a nursing educator for $76,000 a year, a nurse practitioner for close to $90,000 a year or a nursing director for $118,000 a year. You’ll still need experience and commitment to reach these positions, but few hospitals will promote nurses into these roles without a six-year degree.

In Demand

There is currently a shortage of RNs and advanced nurses, but the RN field is closing up. There are fewer opportunities because it’s fairly easy to become a registered nurse. Only a small percentage of people are willing to further their studies and receive an MSN.

Due to this, there is a major shortage of advanced nurses who can fill roles that aren’t available to RNs. Getting a six-year degree ensures that you’ll always be in demand. Not only does this give you the opportunity to try new positions, but it will significantly reduce the likelihood of you being laid off for any reason. Another interesting fact is that the advanced nursing field has grown by about 75 percent, and more advanced nurses are needed for these roles.

Change Positions

Most people treat nursing as a single field where nurses help patients and doctors with general problems, but this is far from the truth. There are many different nursing positions, but changing your position can be difficult without an MSN. The majority of RNs don’t have the qualifications for advanced positions.

If you get a master’s degree, then you can work as a certified nurse midwife, clinical nurse specialist or certified registered nurse anesthetist.

Advance the Field

If you are interested in changing the field of nursing, then you can only do this with an MSN. Nurses with advanced degrees can work in fields like educational research, educational policymaking and healthcare instruction. You can also directly teach new nurses if you become a nursing instructor.

After obtaining your degree, you will have to take the Nursing Professional Development Board Certification test. If you pass, then you can work directly with doctors, nurses and other researchers who are doing their best to improve the teaching of nurses, practical application of skills and other fields to ensure that nursing and healthcare as a whole advance to facilitate better treatment.


Getting an MSN opens up a whole new world for nurses because it allows you to qualify for many different nursing positions, will typically increase your pay and you have the opportunity to change the entire field of nursing. Not only that, but this degree ensures that you will always be in demand, which is becoming less common with typical RNs.