What Prerequisites Do I Need for Nursing School?If you are planning on attending a nursing program, it is important to verify if you have the basic prerequisites for nursing school before you begin to submit your program application. Prerequisites are specific courses that all students who enter into a nursing program must complete before they can enter the program. In some cases, students are able to take an admissions test as an alternative to showing they have taken specific courses.

The purpose of these sometimes irritating entry conditions is to ensure that every student has the equivalent skills and experience they need to grasp concepts in the next program or grade level. Every nursing school sets their own general requirements for admissions but most are similar in nature. If you are not sure if you have satisfied the common requirements, here are some items you should have checked off of your list.

General Chemistry, Psychology and Biology

It is very important that you take general science courses to prepare yourself for the nursing school curriculum. This is why you will be required to complete introductory college-level science coursework in Chemistry, Psychology and Biology. It is important that you take the right courses that cover collegiate concepts and introductory theory to satisfy this requirement. Verify which courses are acceptable with your counselor before you opt to take a class that does not meet the requirement.

Freshmen Writing Requirements

It is surprising to some, but many nursing schools require prospective students to complete a freshmen writing course. This course makes students look beyond the text and use their critical thinking skills to write summaries and essays. It is designed to prepare students to write research and academic papers throughout college careers.

Anatomy and Physiology

You will be covering a great deal of curriculum centered around anatomy and cell function in nursing school. You need to enter the program with a basic familiarity of anatomy and physiology. Almost all accredited nursing schools require applicants complete both anatomy and physiology while they are taking their general education courses.

Human Nutrition

Yet another general class that you must take to study for a nursing degree is Human Nutrition. This class discuses the function of nutrients and which nutrients should be found in a healthy diet. In most cases, freshmen take Human Nutrition during their first semester of study.

Common GPA Requirements

Every prerequisite course that you take must be completed at a regionally or nationally accredited school for the credits to count. It is also important that you have an acceptable grade for each of the required courses. Most schools place a lot of weight on a student’s cumulative GPA, requiring the student to have a 3.0 or higher. The more prestigious the program, the higher the GPA requirement will be.

Complete College Credits

It is also important to take enough courses before applying to nursing school. Even if you have completed the prerequisite courses, most schools want to see that you have 25-30 credits completed when you apply. If you do not have all of the semester credits you need, the program may require your high school GPA and SAT score.

As you compare accredited nursing schools, be sure to focus on prerequisite requirements. If you see an unusual requirement, fulfill it before applying or your application will automatically be turned down. By completing your general education and committing yourself to school, you will more than likely meet the basic prerequisites for nursing school.

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