The expanding healthcare field is showing signs of a great job outlook for registered nurses (RN), and over time, more prospective RNs have begun to consider earning their BSN degrees online. Though there are some who believe that a cheap online RN-BSN degree program is of lesser quality than its traditional brick and mortar counterpart, this is oftentimes based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the distinction between affordable and “cheap”.

The negative connotation of “cheap” implies that whatever the online RN-BSN degree program provides is not as comprehensive, actionable or valuable as what would be offered in a traditional setting. When many people think of the lower costs associated with online degree programs, their assumption of the quality of coursework these programs offer is oftentimes mistakenly determined in the same way that cost would be attributed to the value of electronics or power tools.

Less Necessity To Overcompensate Causes Lower Costs

The key to dispelling the misguided association between the affordability of a cheap online RN-BSN degree program and the notion of cheapness is to be well-informed of the root cause of the lower cost. The hefty cost of traditional degree programs may seem to some to be indicative of a “deluxe” value that these degrees offer, but in truth, the pricing of these courses actually doesn’t have much to do with their content at all. Brick-and-mortar universities have to pay the fees for maintaining their property and to compensate for this, they have higher priced courses, creating the illusion of higher level of value. Because many online degree programs don’t have any property costs to be paid in the first place, the lower costs they charge for their courses is simply a result of the fact that they don’t need to be higher.

The Value Of Flexibility

The quality of an online RN-BSN degree program shouldn’t be determined by the price tag, but rather the extent to which it satisfies the needs of students who are enrolled. One of the key aspects that determines the value that any program really offers to a student is the efficiency with which the degree can be progressed through for each individual student.

Different learners have different studying paces that work the best for their retention, and unfortunately, it is not always possible for a traditional degree program to accommodate the learning speed of every student.

On quick glance, online courses may not seem to be as comprehensive because of their lack of heavy and glossy textbooks, but what they do typically offer is the convenient freedom for students to progress through their programs as quickly as they see fit. Rather than being constrained to a pre-set rate of progression, students in certain online programs can adjust their rate of progression through the material at a speed that suits them best.

Doing Your Homework

While the convenient flexibility of course progression and lower course prices can certainly make some online RN-BSN programs more accommodating, there is still the inevitable risk that comes with investing in any learning program in which the instructors and administrators aren’t physically present.

While some online programs are just as reputable and thorough as they are speedy and convenient, there are still con artists who put together seemingly legitimate but fraudulent online programs just to take advantage of unsuspecting people’s need for lower course costs. To ensure that an online program is truly worth your time, you will want to make sure that you do your due diligence and look into any personal reports of past experiences that others have had with any online RN-BSN degree programs that you’re considering.

Because of how critically important an RN-BSN is to your professional development, it makes perfect sense to exercise discretion when considering the options in online degree programs. As long as you’re diligent about doing research on all of the program’s feedback, the authenticity of its accreditation and the flexibility of its curriculum progression pace, you can find a high-quality online RN-BSN degree program that fits your schedule as comfortably as a custom glove.

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