Concordia University’s RN to BSN degree is one of the more popular accredited nursing degree programs in Nebraska. It offers well-established academic outcomes for nurses through building nursing skills and knowledge. The program synthesizes knowledge from a variety of fields, such as medicine and biology, into hands-on nursing practices. Students are taught how to provide quality nursing care according to legal guidelines and professional practice standards. This RN to BSN degree program encourages critical and creative thinking skills that utilize evidence-based practices and research. It is no wonder that Concordia University is one of the first choices for nursing students in the Nebraska area.

Concordia University – Nebraska

Health Care Program

Concordia Nebraska’s undergraduate RN to BSN degree program is exclusively for nurses who need to complete their bachelor’s degree. This goal of this program is to produce the next generation of health care leaders by teaching evidence-based practices and community health models through real-world situations. Students are taught how to think critically, make ethical decisions and work compassionately. Nursing students in this program are expected to implement a project at work, participate in a global mission or volunteer with a local community organization. The RN to BSN degree is an accelerated program and allows students to transfer 70 credit hours from accredited learning institutions.

RN to BSN Degree Program

Accredited nursing degree programs in Nebraska provide the academic opportunity for working RNs to quickly earn their BSN degrees. The program teaches graduates how to successfully handle new health care devices, technologies and information management systems. It inclusively introduces cross-cultural dynamics within global and community frameworks. Graduates learn how to provide excellent care, counseling and education to diverse patients. Students build leadership skills and attitudes that will help them to positively impact health care organizations and management practices.

Students take engaging classes in key topics, such as nursing management and servant leadership. These courses teach students to understand the dynamic role that nurse managers play through expounding on policy, regulatory and management concepts. Community nursing exposes students to the causes and solutions to common community health problems. Students will understand of the purpose of local community health services and study disease prevention and health promotion.


  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

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RN to BSN Degree Program

Concordia University in Nebraska is a private educational institution that is affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. They offer registered nurses the opportunity to quickly earn their bachelor’s degree from highly qualified instructors and stimulating curricula. Graduates go on to become hospital, occupational, public health and home care nurses. RNs interested in leadership go on to become clinical supervisors, nursing case managers and staff directors. Concordia University’s accredited nursing degree programs in Nebraska are excellent choices for working RNs who want to move their careers forward.