Nursing Degrees on the Rise

  • Nurse Midwife
  • Dialysis Nurse
  • Nursing Anesthetist Program
  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Nurse Case Manager

In the medical profession, there are a few nursing degree options that are growing fast. It is smart for a person to choose a path that promises an opportunity to easily find employment. Not only will this provide a competitive salary, it will help a person find a satisfying job. Here are five of the fastest growing nursing degrees available.

1. Nurse Midwife

More and more women are looking for ways to experience birth in a natural environment. Instead of having doctors deliver their babies in hospitals, many mothers are choosing midwives. Nurse midwives aid with deliveries, provide educational advice, and often assist obstetricians with prenatal and postpartum care. After obtaining an RN certificate, a midwife must obtain a bachelor’s degree and become licensed. Two years of experience is required before completing a nurse-midwife education program that ends with a master’s degree. This nursing degree is fast growing, and the job outlook for this profession is estimated to grow at least 9 percent by 2020, according to Nurse Journal.

2. Dialysis Nurse

Dialysis nurses deal with patients who have kidney problems and require a machine to clean their blood. These nurses monitor patients’ conditions throughout the dialysis process. Also, they work with patients who have received kidney transplants. Since dialysis nurses interact with their patients multiple times each week, it is possible to develop close relationships. To obtain this type of certification, it is necessary to be an RN with a concentration in nephrology, pharmacology, and nutrition. Also, a candidate must complete a training program and pass a test. Many will voluntarily complete certification as a nephrology nurse. By 2024, this type of employment is estimated to increase 16 percent. It is certainly a top growing nursing degree option.

3. Master’s Degree in a Nursing Anesthetist Program

A nursing anesthetist works alongside an anesthesiologist who administers anesthesia to patients. Since this type of nurse is highly respected and receives some of the highest pay in the nursing profession, a degree in this area is a popular choice. It is projected that this concentration of nursing will increase 31 percent by 2024. To become an accredited nurse anesthetist, a person must possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing and complete a nurse anesthesia educational program. This may take between two and four years.

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4. Legal Nurse Consultant Degree

A legal nurse consultant, or LNC, helps lawyers and other legal professionals understand the terminology that is used in the medical field. These individuals form a bridge between the world of law and medicine. To pursue this degree, a person must be a registered nurse. There are training courses available from the American Association of Legal Nursing Consultants as well. A certification examination must be passed. To sit for this test, an applicant must possess a minimum of five years experience in the nursing field and complete 2,000 hours of legal medical consulting. It is definitely a quick growing nursing degree, and the job outlook for this field of nursing is estimated to grow 20 percent over the next few years, according to Nurse Journal.

5. Nurse Case Manager Degree

When a nurse wants to escape the traditional role of personal patient care, a nurse case manager position may be a smart choice. The role of this professional is to be responsible for patient cases from admittance to discharge from a medical facility. Besides dealing with long-term care decisions, this individual weighs the cost effectiveness of treatments. To become this type of nurse, a person must be an RN and pass an examination that is issued by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. By 2020, this position is predicted to grow at a rate of 26 percent.

The above nursing careers are booming across the country and are expected to keep growing into the future. They may be wise choices, especially if you are looking to pursue a productive career in nursing. They are the five fastest growing nursing degrees and offer great opportunities and potential for earning a nice salary.