5 Great Apps for Nursing StudentsBecoming a nurse will enable you to give back to the world while earning a solid paycheck (also see: What is the Average Salary of a Nurse?), but you will need to successfully complete all of your educational requirements before you can reach this point. Nursing students typically spend a lot of time focusing on classwork, clinical practice and studying in order to graduate in a timely manner. Fortunately, there are numerous apps that can help you with every aspect of getting through nursing school.

Five Apps Every Nursing Student Needs:

1.Nurses Aid

One of the biggest challenges that nursing students and new nurses face is learning how to juggle their schedule. Nurses Aid was designed to provide nurses with a way to keep everything straight and avoid missing any critical deadlines. Users can input task reminders, duties and any specific physician orders that relate to patient care. The intuitive dashboard offers an overview of your day, and it is possible to set voice reminders so that nothing important gets missed. In other words, Nurses Aid is the perfect way to relieve the anxiety that students often associate with clinical practice.

2.Human Anatomy Atlas

The human body has so many different parts and functions that it is unrealistic for nursing students to expect themselves to remember everything, especially during the beginning of their education. To help familiarize yourself with the workings of the body and answer questions on the fly, you can turn to the Human Anatomy Atlas app. This global app contains numerous languages and a 3-D anatomical model of the body, which makes it a highly useful resource and learning tool for nursing students. The fact that you can refer to the app quickly gives you an advantage over relying solely on textbooks.

3.Mini Nurse

If you are just beginning nursing school, the Mini Nurse app can help you acclimate to all of the basic terminology and abbreviations that will become a critical part of your education and future career. Mini Nurse also includes medical calculators and practice questions to assist you with the process of testing your acquired knowledge. Another nice feature of this app is the inclusion of heart and lung sounds. This will let you become more familiar with the many auditory clues your patients may present without needing to work with a test patient or nursing dummy.

4.Black’s Medical Dictionary

Nurses and doctors have been referring to the print version of Black’s Medical Dictionary for more than 100 years, and it is still a very important resource. Smartphones and tablets have now made it easier than ever to keep approximately 5,000 medical definitions on hand at all times. You can create your own flash cards out of the data that you want to study more closely, and the app has a quick browsing feature that enables users to immediately navigate to the desired section.


Narrowing down on exactly what illness a patient has can be difficult at times for even experienced nurses and doctors, so it is wise for nursing students to spend time studying a variety of symptoms and what they might mean. The Symptomia app allows you to enter a list of symptoms, and it then provides information about the most likely medical condition. There are high quality descriptions for each illness, and this will help you learn more about a variety of diseases and other medical issues.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there are more than 3.1 million registered nurses in the U.S., and nursing is currently the top field for job growth. The previously listed apps can all help you in your quest to become a part of this thriving industry.