When you enter the healthcare field, you are choosing a career that offers job security. In particular, there is a high demand for nurses throughout the country. Despite its advantages, the line of work is challenging. When you need help, consider visiting a few of the Internet’s top nursing blogs. Five of the best include:

1. Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics is operated by a nonprofit organization that works to provide better healthcare information through technology. The site features nursing information, news stories, general health data and more. Blog topics cover how IT benefits healthcare providers and what nursing professionals should know about the health information exchanges. While reading the Nursing Informatics blog, you’ll appreciate that its contributors are professionals in the field. Contributors include those who are fellows in the American Academy of Nursing as well as professionals who have their master’s degrees. This site can help you with your nursing program studies while offering insight regarding the career’s future.

2. RN: Real Newbie, A Nurse’s Blog

A trauma nurse started the RN: Real Newbie, A Nurses Blog in 2011. Her name is Nurse Kitty, and by reading her blog, you can prepare yourself for nursing school and your first year or two on the job. Nurse Kitty has a section dedicated to students, and it provides a list of resources. Use these to help you make your way through your nursing program. Nurse Kitty offers on-the-job insight that will give you the chance to prepare for sick patients and scared family members. She also shares inspiring stories that will surely help you stay in your nursing program when it gets challenging.

3. The Nerdy Nurse

Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, writes The Nerdy Nurse and focuses on the technical elements of being a nurse. Ms. Wilson discusses the industry’s latest innovations and offers insight about today’s best products for nurses. She also provides resources for those in the field as well as information about getting through school. Blog topics on The Nerdy Nurse range from describing what it’s like to work as an ICU nurse to night shift survival tips. If you haven’t selected a specialty, then The Nerdy Nurse could help you narrow it down.

4. The Nursing Site

Kathy Quan RN, BSN, PHN, has been a nurse for more than 30 years. She spent those years working as a field nurse and as a nursing supervisor. Her blog, The Nursing Site provides tips for staying safe at work. She also explains why now is a good time to enter the nursing field. Ms. Quan’s blog features recipes for quick snacks since nurses often struggle to find time for food breaks. On The Nursing Site, be sure to look for her list of the best books on nursing. This book list will not only help you get through your program, but it will also assist you once you begin working as a nurse.

5. Not Nurse Ratched

This lighthearted blog by Megen Duffy is popular due to her down-to-earth writing style. She offers advice for new nurses and shares real patient stories as well as warnings about the mistakes that can occur when you’re on the job. By reading Not Nurse Ratched, you’ll be prepared for strange coworkers and what you need to know about HIPAA. Ms. Duffy even offers scrubs recommendations so you can buy the best uniform at the start of your nursing career. As you make your way through the Not Nurse Ratched blog, you’ll learn lifestyle tips and how to deal with the job when it becomes emotionally challenging.

Consistent Employment and Personal Satisfaction

While demanding, a nursing career is also satisfying. As a nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to help people through their worst days. When you need encouragement, read these five blogs. They’ll reaffirm the positive aspects of the career.