Uncovering nursing jobs with family-friendly hours is important. Being a nurse means dedicating yourself to your patients. However, providing top care can consume a great deal of time. If you have a spouse or children, it can be difficult to balance work and home responsibilities. To gain the time you need for your family, here are five nursing jobs that may be worth considering.

1. Legal Nurse Consultant

A legal nurse consultant is a bridge between doctors, patients, and lawyers. He or she helps legal professionals interpret medical records, comprehend terminology, and offers recommendations on health-related topics. One of the biggest perks of this position is the flexible hours. As a legal nurse consultant, a person can work frequently or for short periods of time. It is a great way to keep up with family and other personal issues. Unlike a nurse who is on-call at all hours at a hospital, a legal nurse consultant is never interrupted during the middle of the night and can schedule work days so they do not interfere with children’s appointments or school activities.

2. School Nurse

School nurses do much more than care for sick students. They help teachers create effective learning atmospheres and develop programs that encourage children with various abilities to succeed. This profession is attractive for individuals who require family-friendly hours. School nurses usually work during the times when schools are open and have the same schedules as their children. When kids are off for holidays and summer, so are many school nurses.

3. Nurse Educator

A nursing instructor prepares students to begin careers in the healthcare field. He or she may find employment in a nursing hospital, vocational school, or college setting. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the country is experiencing an “emerging crisis.” There is a nurse shortage, so it is critical to develop programs that attract people to the profession. This means that there is high demand for dedicated nursing educators. Since most nursing instructors work during normal school hours, it is a smart choice for individuals who are looking for employment that has family-friendly hours. The high demand delivers attractive salaries as well. By 2020, the average pay is expected to reach $92,000.

4. Home Healthcare Nurse

A home healthcare nurse is an excellent job for a person who requires flexible, family friendly hours. The job entails working with elderly patients or people who have developmental or recovery issues. Instead of working in a hospital setting, this type of nurse works in a home environment. Duties include cleaning wounds, administering medicine, documenting vital signs, and offering support and encouragement. Since many patients are being released from hospitals quickly, this job is in great demand. Also, the elderly population is growing. A big advantage of this nursing career is the ability to set a personal schedule. A nurse visits patients on an individual basis and can complete records and charts after family duties have been fulfilled.

5. Per Diem Nurse

Per diem nursing involves temporary work assignments. Per diem means “by the day,” A per diem nurse will usually gain employment from a staffing pool or placement agency. A person may select a certain facility for work and create a schedule that fits individual needs. Many times, a per diem nurse fills open staffing positions with little notice or works in long-term blocks of time to fill certain requirements. For the person who wants family-friendly hours and wants to avoid getting stuck in one hospital or clinic for long periods of time, this may be an excellent career path.

When you are a nurse, it may be difficult to balance your work and home responsibilities. To cut stress, it is important to uncover job opportunities that will accommodate your lifestyle. The above nursing jobs offer family-friendly hours and may be ideal for a working mom or dad.

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