Numerous challenging job opportunities, outside of traditional hospital and clinic settings, enable you to use your RN-BSN degree in unusual ways and environments. One of these places or specialties may be perfect for your personal needs and interests. Consider the various unique specialties available as you pursue your nursing degree.

Forensic Nursing

Popular television programs like “CSI” and “Bones” depict how you could use your RN-BSN degree in forensic nursing, a relatively new specialty in the field. Your responsibilities include looking for signs of a crime and gathering evidence while treating the victim’s injuries. This nursing career combines health care with criminal justice and cutting-edge technology. Because of the highly sensitive nature of these cases and the requirement for accuracy, forensic nurses must undergo further education and clinical training. In addition to hospital laboratories, forensic nurses may be required to work accident and crime scenes for attorneys or various law enforcement agencies.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is another place you can use your RN-BSN degree. Because oilrigs are situated miles off shore or in remote locations, the nearest medical facility could be hundreds of miles away. These worksites need on-site medical personnel to treat injuries and oversee the workers’ health. You may work alone or in conjunction with a doctor and other medical professionals. It typically requires extensive training in emergency medicine. The ability to speak a second language is helpful. This career offers nursing positions in exotic regions around the world. The fast-paced job can be financially and personally rewarding.

Nursing Infomatics

If you enjoy technology, nursing infomatics is a relatively new field you might want to consider. It combines the latest information management and analytical science technology with your knowledgeable and efficient nursing abilities to provide optimal patient care. You will identify, manage and communicate data and medical information. This data helps the medical team and patients make important decisions regarding treatment options to achieve their desired results. While this challenging and rewarding career is often found in large hospitals, it can also be pursued as a staff member of a private consulting firm. This innovative technology provides better patient monitoring and helps reduce common errors.

Medical Travel Industry

Because of the increase in the medical travel industry, there is a growing demand for nurses who are able to accompany patients to and from a variety of destinations around the world. You will oversee patient care aboard specially equipped airplanes and helicopters. This position requires the ability to work under pressure to maintain patient stability in an in-flight environment where supplies may be limited. This position is available in the military as well as the civilian medical industry. If you want to stay closer to home, consider a career as a flight nurse with a local medevac helicopter service.

Hyperbaric Nursing

This new branch of nursing, also called baromedical nursing, focuses on the treatment of patients in a hyperbaric environment. Hyperbaric, or decompression, chambers are used to treat various medical conditions and symptoms. Nurses in this field administer treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy to a wide range of patients. Your RN-BSN degree allows you to work as part of a team of dedicated health care professionals to operate the chamber and provide the required level of patient care. Despite the limited number of hyperbaric chambers currently available, there is an increasing demand for nurses to ensure the safety and comfort of patients.

Several cutting-edge and fulfilling nursing careers will enable you to use your RN-BSN degree in ways you may have not thought possible. Many of these opportunities enable you to expand and explore other personal interests as well.

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