Nursing has become a high-paying, in-demand profession. Thousands of experienced nurses are expected to retire by 2025, which means there will be substantial opportunities for new nurses to find solid employment in the near future. You cannot go wrong with a degree in nursing as either a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. Here is a list of five reasons you should become a nurse.

1. Numerous Jobs in Many Fields

Nurses can find jobs in several different kinds of companies. A nurse can find employment in a hospital, research university, school, governmental agency, home care facility or walk-in clinic. Teaching nurses are in high demand right now to help supply the upcoming need for nurses who will replace other nurses who have retired or will be retiring. By adding a teaching minor to your degree, you can really earn a high salary. Nursing is one profession that offers numerous, swift chances for career advancement. You could choose to concentrate on emergency room duty, intensive care, pediatrics, heart care or brain surgery. Your options are endless. You could even enter the military as a combat nurse or get involved in healthcare informatics, which focuses on the computational analysis of research results.

2. Opportunities Across the Country

Nurses are in high demand in every state of the union. Nursing skills are extremely portable. Another benefit of becoming a nurse is that you could live almost anywhere you like with a nursing degree. There is currently a tremendous need for nurses, and this need will expand incrementally in the next 10 years, according to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Facilities are always looking for good nurses, and you could find yourself being offered a position almost anywhere.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Nurses get to work in a flexible scheduling environment. You can choose the shift that you prefer to work. Usually, the shifts run from four to 12 hours per day. This leaves you plenty of time to have a family, work a second job at another nursing position or advance your education for an even better job. Nurses aren’t saddled with the debt of a six- or eight-year degree. It only takes two to four years to get to work next to the finest medical professionals. Therefore it won’t require as much time to repay your college debts.

4. Make a Difference

Another great reason to become a nurse is that you can make a big difference in the lives of your patients. Patients often consider a compassionate, kind nurse to be their guardian angel. This side of the job satisfies personal goals and makes the career choice very gratifying. You’ll have daily interactions with physicians, surgeons, administrators and patients, which helps you develop your interpersonal communication skills. Every day differs from the last. You won’t get bored. A nurse’s work day is filled with continuous challenges and excitement. You’ll learn to make quick decisions that really impact your patients.

5. Home Health Skills

If you are a parent or plan on becoming one, you may be motivated to become a nurse when you consider that your skills as a nurse will be very valuable to you as a parent. You learn patience, how to spot oncoming problems, how to deal with emergencies and how to advise extended family members who might require a trained eye. You can give advice on nutrition, cleanliness, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. You don’t need fancy facilities or advanced equipment to be a lifesaver. You only need your training and the desire to help people who are in distress.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to become a nurse. Nursing is a career where you develop life-long relationships with your colleagues and patients. Our aging population will require more nurses, and their pay scale will continue to rise with that need.