For professional nurses, securing scholarship money for an RN-BSN degree program can lead to significant job benefits and heightened lifetime career satisfaction. Like many nurses, you may face challenges when it comes to funding your educational pursuits. Drawing on loans and personal savings can have adverse financial impacts, but fortunately, there are numerous scholarship programs and grants for RN-BSN prospects. Here are five resources that might aid your search.

1. Nurse Journal

Nurse Journal caters to nurses and other healthcare workers. The site not only provides professional nurses with chances to publish their work but also helps students and aspirants learn about the career field as a whole. Those who are unsure about the best strategies for structuring their education might find it helpful to read some of Nurse Journal’s articles concerning different degree paths.

Their website publishes lists of RN to BSN degree program grants and scholarships that may cover a wide range of students. Taking a look at the list is a quick way to learn what you might be qualified for and how much funding you could receive.

2. is a site run by professional nurses at various stages in their careers. This platform is highly accessible since the people who operate it make themselves readily available via social media. The team routinely posts helpful videos concerning the career, personal and educational aspects of nursing.

On top of furnishing vital information about different kinds of degrees, publishes a searchable database of scholarships. Interestingly, the platform also maintains its own scholarship program with three grants that students can pursue, including one for RN to BSN candidates.

3. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) website is a handy resource for those pursuing higher education in nursing. In addition to offering guidance concerning whether your school is properly accredited, this agency delivers insights into how factors like current regulatory affairs and technological developments impact the healthcare field at large.

On the AACN financial aid page, students will find information on various resources for different underprivileged groups and nursing pathways, like educator nurses and RN-BSNs seeking scholarship money. The organization also operates a few financial aid initiatives with its partners.

4. The Campaign for Nursing’s Future

Johnson & Johnson initiated the Campaign for Nursing’s Future in 2002 in response to the era’s profound nursing shortage. Today, the program continues to provide free career development materials, information and networking resources from its website.

The financial aid database tracks hundreds of programs at the national and state levels. It also furnishes students with useful information like which states have the most RN-BSN degree scholarships. Readers can sort and search for grants according to various factors, such as GPA eligibility, application deadlines and education requirements.

5. focuses exclusively on the needs of Registered Nurses seeking their Bachelor of Science in Nursing credentials. The site includes data about state licensing and degree info as well as admissions and clinical requirements. An RN-BSN degree scholarships directory lets you search for sponsored and non-sponsored programs, browse by renewability requirements and use other factors to find grants.

As a nurse, you’ll routinely need to put other people’s interests first. When it comes to investing in your career, however, there are plenty of grants designed to help you pursue your own dreams. Scholarships for RN to BSN degree programs can bring your educational goals within reach to help you keep advancing.

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