Earning an online RN-BSN degree is a great way for a nurse to extend his or her knowledge in the medical field and enjoy higher pay and more fulfilling job opportunities. A BSN-prepared nurse performs conventional duties, including assessments and medical charting. However, having a bachelor’s degree opens the door to a number of specialized jobs and extends skills and cultural awareness. For example, nurse educators, department coordinators, and management positions are only available to individuals with advanced education and training. To help you complete the requirements, here are five tips for earning your RN-BSN degree online.

1. Choose a Program That Works With Your Existing Knowledge

Since you have already been working in the nursing field, you have acquired knowledge and experience. With that in mind, an important suggestion for earning your RN-BSN degree online is to find a program that allows you to draw from what you know. This way you can better relate to the course work. You can use your knowledge as a foundation for the new things that you will learn. In the process, you will develop different skills and heighten your ability to think critically.

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2. Select a School that Uses an Advanced Learning Model

An RN-BSN program that is taught with an advanced learning model gives you an environment that encourages collaboration among other future BSN nurses. This model offers the ability to participate in enriching discussions that deal with classwork and other ideas. Instead of memorizing terms and bits of textbook information, this way of learning explores concepts. As you confer with a group, you will remain on the right path and increase your confidence.

3. Select a Program that Supports Adult Learning

When you head back to school as an adult, you need support from your family and co-workers. However, it is also necessary to have a school that offers a program that supports your needs. To attain success, you will want a school with a solid program, an advisor, tutoring, and a facility that will communicate on an individual basis. All of these items are commonly available at a regular college campus and should be available for online students as well. This type of organization will care and nurture your success. As you are given the correct encouragement and tools, you will note your positive progress and enjoy lower stress levels.

4. Learn How to Manage Your Time

As you attempt to earn an RN to BSN degree online, you must learn how to juggle school, your job, and your family life. A crucial tip for earning your degree online is to become organized and dedicate a specific time for studying. It may be difficult, but it is essential to have quiet time that you can block for your education. It is helpful to build a calendar so that you keep all important dates and appointments at your fingertips. Having a separate desk or work station is vital as well. When you have your own space, you can keep your assignments in proper order. Also, you will need an area to house your computer.

5. Set Rules

As you pursue an online RN to BSN degree, you must set rules so that you can achieve your goals. Since you will be attending an online school, you will be working from home. Here, you will be faced with numerous family distractions. You must establish rules so that you can get through your daily lessons. For example, you must set a study time and explain to your family that you cannot be bothered during this period. When you follow this advice for earning your RN-BSN degree online, your rules are in place, everyone knows what to expect, and you remain on the path to success without disruptions.

The Institute of Medicine reported that 80 percent of registered nurses will receive a BSN degree by 2020. Since it is not possible for everyone to quit work and dedicate full days to learning at a conventional college, many individuals are turning to online resources. By following the above tips for earning your RN-BSN, you will be able to earn your degree with the least amount of stress possible and advance within the medical industry.