Nursing school sets the stage for a career, but surviving an RN-BSN online degree program is tough. Many aspiring registered nurses already know that nursing school is stressful. They might hesitate to enroll in online degree programs because they think that success will be harder to achieve. However, there are ways to reduce stress and survive an RN-BSN degree program online.

Eat Well, Exercise and Meditate

The first step to surviving online nursing school is staying healthy with proper nutrition, exercise and meditation. The body can keep going on caffeine and fast meals for a short period, but after months of doing that, it will be unable to function properly. Continuing to eat a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables and proteins is vital to proper bodily function, especially under stress. It does not hurt to take a multivitamin too. Students can also lower stress levels by exercising, which is scientifically proven. Exercise also boosts the ability of the brain to retain information. Meditation before studying can also improve spiritual well-being and increase focus.

Join a Study Group

A lot of people mistakenly think that enrolling in an online RN-BSN degree program means they cannot join a study group. In reality, online students interact more with their peers, which is a great advantage. The majority of internet degree programs have discussion assignments each week to mimic the discussions that naturally occur in physical classrooms. This is a great way to learn information, make friends and build an online study group. Members can meet through text or video chats to compare notes, discuss the course materials and study for quizzes.

Do All of the Reading and Assignments

It is very important for online RN-BSN students to read and understand the syllabus before they begin an online course. It includes everything they need to succeed. Additionally, one of the misconceptions about taking classes on the Internet is that the class work can wait until the last minute. However, many nursing programs require a lot of reading and include writing well-researched and well-thought-out papers every week. Reading all of the course material and taking notes on it can help students with these writing assignments. Students who procrastinate and miss assignment deadlines receive a low grade or a zero.

Ask Questions

A professor monitors each Internet class and is there to answer any and all questions. Most professors of RN-BSN online degree programs provide emails or phone numbers for their students to contact them. They are also available for questions during weekly discussion sessions. It is important for students to ask questions even if they believe they know the material. Furthermore, they should not hesitate to question why a certain task is performed, even if they are not being tested on the “why.” Knowing why a certain procedure is necessary is just as important as knowing how to do it.

Keep a School Calendar

Organization and time management are essential skills for nursing students and registered nurses. As online RN-BSN students, they can keep track of all of their upcoming assignment deadlines and test dates by making and updating a school calendar. In between these dates, they can schedule study sessions so they manage their time wisely. Doing this can save them many headaches through nursing school, and honing these skills will help them later in their careers. At the same time, they cannot expect everything to go as planned. They need to be able to adjust their schedules accordingly.

Although enrolling in an RN-BSN online degree program is no less stressful than physically attending a university, students can keep the stress to a minimum and enhance their skills for the future. Anyone can be a successful online nursing student with these tips.

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