5 Unusual Nursing JobsThe medical profession is growing by leaps and bounds, and nurses are in high demand. However, fewer than 60 percent of RNs work in traditional hospital settings. Nursing degrees open doors to various fields. When a person is interested in the nursing profession but wants a nontraditional job, there are a few opportunities.

Holistic Nursing

Holistic nursing recognizes the need to connect the mind, body, and spirit. Instead of placing total emphasis on pharmaceutical care, holistic practices recognize the need to treat the whole person and not just a symptom of a disease. In holistic nursing, a person gains greater awareness of the connection between self, others, and nature. This often enhances a nurse’s comprehension of patients and individual healing processes. Besides using knowledge learned in school, it draws on a nurse’s intuition. A holistic nurse works with patients in all settings and phases of life and must be certified.

Pediatric Home Healthcare Provider

A nurse who wants to work with children should consider a career as a Pediatric Home Healthcare Provider (please see: How Can I Specialize a Nursing Degree in Pediatrics?). This field offers scheduled home care to children under 21 years of age. Many times, a family reaches for this care when a child requires nursing attention after being discharged from a hospital. A nurse working inside the house attends to all the medical needs of a patient, including the monitoring of vital signs, the operation of special medical equipment, wound care, and teaching caregivers how to deal with the affliction. Normally, this type of nurse tends to premature infants, children who are respiratory or cardiac-compromised, children who have neurological problems, or children on ventilator units.

Critical Care Transport Nurses

A career as a critical care transport (CCT) nurse is very exciting. This individual is responsible for making all medical decisions while on a life flight helicopter or traveling in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. This nurse must act quickly, especially when a person is in critical condition. Also, a CCT nurse accompanies patients from a home or hospital to a nursing facility. Since all patients’ needs are different, this professional must be flexible. It is one of the most fast-paced nursing jobs and requires a person to work independently.

Blood Donation Nurse

Blood donation is vital to the survival of patients who need transfusions. To accommodate the need for donations, blood collection banks are scattered across the country. A blood donation nurse plays a critical role in the clinical responsibilities of each donation session. This professional also cares for donors and maintains the safety of the collected blood. This nurse must make important decisions regarding a donor’s suitability as well. In many instances, this type of nurse educates other nurses and hospital employees about various blood products and their uses. When a person works in this field, he or she must make sure blood is used responsibly and as safely as possible.

Poison Information Provider

In 2013, the National Association for Poison Control received 3.1 million calls for information and emergency help. Poison control is a serious matter. The nursing field plays a vital role by teaching how to avoid issues and answering calls that require emergency help. It is crucial to have a calm and knowledgeable person at the end of the line. Many centers have nurses with backgrounds in emergency services. Additional training is provided as well. Since there are only a small number of certified poison control experts in the country, this field is in high demand.

When a nurse is interested in employment outside a hospital or traditional medical facility, the above options may be worth consideration. A nursing degree can be extremely versatile and provide a number of opportunities that are interesting and allow a person to do something that benefits others in an unusual way.