If you are a nurse considering earning your BSN degree, you may be concerned about the costs associated with earning your RN-BSN degree. While you can continue to work with your RN degree, you have better opportunities if you earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing. If you want the advantage of a bachelor’s degree without the price tag, consider these five options to cut your costs.

1. Scholarships

Scholarships are available to students of all academic persuasions, and nursing students should never neglect such opportunities to negate RN-BSN degree costs. There are several factors to keep in mind when you pursue scholarships. First, some scholarships are specific to a certain career. Therefore, there are special scholarships designated for nurses. Also, keep in mind that there may be scholarships offered by specific schools. Other scholarships may be available for students attending any school. When applying for scholarships, make sure you fulfill all the necessary requirements.

2. Work Study Programs

Many hospitals and clinics are in dire need of skilled nurses. This is why some medical institutions offer work study programs to encourage students to pursue this degree path. In these programs, you commit to working at the hospital or clinic while you study for your degree. The benefit is that the institution will pay your tuition. Studying while working can be very demanding, but it can be a great way to gain experience. Some such programs also require a work commitment after graduation. Check the details carefully before you commit.

3. Military Service

Another way to mitigate RN-BSN degree costs is to work with the military. Veterans get reduced tuition rates. You can also join the military after you complete your degree. When you do this, you can have some or all of your tuition reimbursed. Moreover, military nurses gain unique experiences and have the opportunity to travel. This can be a very rewarding option for individuals who have a strong desire to serve and explore the world. However, it is worth remembering that military service is not to be taken lightly. You will be required to complete all military training, and your enlistment will last several years.

4. Online Schools

Traditional schools have traditional tuition costs. This can make the cost of a bachelor’s degree almost untenable for some students. Instead of settling for a lesser career, choose a different school instead. Online schools offer the same quality degree programs without the same overhead costs. Moreover, these schools are more flexible. This allows you to study on your schedule. You can even work another job while completing your degree, which also helps offset the costs. Better still, to control your cost of living, you can study from home without having to worry about new housing arrangements.

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5. Transfer Your Credits

If you want to reduce the cost of your RN-BSN degree, reduce the number of classes you take. The best way to do this is to obtain as much college credit as possible before you start your degree. You could attend a community college to get your general studies out of the way. There are also entrance exams you can take prior to college to see if you can test out of any prerequisites. The most popular ones are CLEP and Advanced Placement.

With these five options, all nurses are sure to find a money-saving tactic that works for their personal goals and lifestyle. Save on your RN-BSN degree costs, and start your nursing career today.