Practical experience is essential for nursing students in the modern medical field. Nursing clinicals are designed to allow students to apply their skills in real-world situations under close supervision. Information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that all registered nursing programs require this supervised clinical experience. Here are five proven tips for making the most of your nursing clinicals.

1. Be Ready to Learn

Even straight-A nursing students may lack the practical skills needed in the hospital environment. Viewing clinicals as an opportunity to learn can help you navigate this new experience. Taking this chance to soak up as much knowledge as you can and to participate in as many hands-on activities as possible can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success in your later career. Accepting guidance from more seasoned medical professionals can also lead to mentorship opportunities, allowing you to learn more quickly and to acquire new nursing proficiencies and skills while completing your required clinical experiences.

2. Focus on the Essentials

Avoiding personal drama and negative interpersonal interactions can go a long way toward ensuring greater success during your nursing clinicals. Putting your focus on patient care and fundamentals of nursing practice can ensure that you derive maximum benefit from the experiences and lessons available in the hospital or clinical environment. Patient care requires attention to detail and concentration. Avoiding distractions and ensuring that your focus is on the patient rather than on extraneous matters can help you perform well in the clinical environment and can ensure the greatest measure of success when completing this practical experience in pursuit of your nursing degree.

3. Take on the Tough Duties

Showing willingness to perform tasks that may be difficult or unpleasant can make a positive impression on your supervisors during your clinicals. These experiences can also prepare you for the challenges you will face during your nursing career. By working with difficult patients, taking on clean-up tasks and testing your skills in the clinical environment, you can develop a better understanding of the different tasks that will be required of you during your nursing career. Maintaining a positive attitude while taking on the hardest jobs can help you get the most from your experiences in the clinical environment.

4. Consider the Buddy System

Finding someone you can confide in and work with during your clinical experiences can be key to your ongoing success. Employing the buddy system can give you a partner in practice and study sessions, allowing you to perfect your skills and achieve higher scores on in-class tests and certification examinations. Your nursing student buddy can also provide valuable moral support and a shoulder to lean on during difficult periods of your training. By enlisting the help of someone you can trust during your clinicals, you can achieve greater perspective on the challenges you will face now and in your future nursing activities.

5. Give It Your All

Taking extra time to study the skills and techniques needed to complete your clinical training can pay off when dealing with patients and managing daily tasks. A little added effort during this phase of your nursing education can allow you to excel in managing patient care and other essential elements of your clinical studies. By committing your time and attention to the duties assigned to you and the patients under your care, you can acquire the necessary skills to achieve great success throughout your career while making a positive impression on your supervisors and colleagues in the hospital environment.

Your clinical experiences will provide a solid foundation for your future nursing career. By taking steps to get the most from your clinicals, you can achieve greater success in your immediate studies and a greater degree of confidence when pursuing your goals in the field of nursing.

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